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175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Ways to See Chicago’s Influence on World Architecture

Listen in as Lynn Osmond, President and CEO of the Chicago Architecture Foundation, lays out a few of the many ways that Chicago’s manmade masterpieces and master plan for city development have inspired architects and cityscapes around the world.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: Steve Dahl’s 5 Essential Chicago Sports Experiences

Broadcasting personality Steve Dahl, creator of the Steve Dahl Podcast Network, has been reporting, reflecting on and affecting (by mistake, as he explains below) Chicago sports for decades. Read on to hear his five favorite ways to be a fan in one of the greatest sports towns in the world.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Ways to Experience Chicago’s History and Traditions

From celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Traditions, to looking for historic homes, we’ve asked Alderman Edward Burke, the longest serving alderman in Chicago history, to share his 5 favorite ways to experience the Chicago history and traditions that are sometimes hidden in plain sight.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Places Sure to Inspire a Smile (or a Laugh)

Photo of Diana Martinez, courtesy The Second City. The Second City is known worldwide as a training ground for comedy heavyweights—think Bill Murray, Tina Fey and Jane Lynch—and as an unstoppable incubator of fun. Diana Martinez, President of The Second City, shares five places that are sure to put a smile on your face.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Things Celebrities Say They Love Most about Chicago

When Billy Dec, contributor on Windy City Live and local restaurateur/nightclub owner (Sunda, Rockit and Underground), asked 50 celebrity friends—like Dan Aykroyd, Kate Walsh and John Legend—what they love about Chicago, they downright gushed! Read on to discover what they love about Chicago, or watch video interviews on Billy Dec’s blog, A Chicago Thing.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Favorite Ways to Experience History in Chicago

Photo courtesy The Palmer House Hilton. The Palmer House Hilton Hotel is steeped in history: it first opened its doors in 1871 and has been in continuous operation ever since. That’s why we’ve asked Ken Price, Director of Public Relations and resident historian of the hotel, to share his 5 favorite ways to experience Chicago’s [...]

175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Tales Told by Chicago’s Historic Taverns

To see just how much Chicago is a town worth toasting, raise your glass and listen as Liz Garibay, tour guide for the Chicago History Museum’s popular History Pub Crawls, shares five fun ways to discover Chicago’s history through its bars.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Reasons It’s Great to Be a Top Chef in Chicago

Photo courtesy Girl and the Goat. From bountiful access to local produce to world-class neighborhood breweries, Chef Stephanie Izard, owner of Girl & the Goat and Bravo TV’s 2008 Top Chef, dishes out 5 reasons that Chicago is the best place to be a chef.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: 5 Ways to Experience Chicago Culture

South Shore Cultural Center As Commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Michelle T. Boone lives and breathes Chicago. We asked her to share just a few of her favorite ways to enjoy the city she loves.

175 Ways to Love Chicago: Geoffrey Baer’s 5 Hidden Chicago Treasures

From hidden murals to incredible relics, there’s even more to Chicago than meets the eye. Learn about Chicago’s history and public art as you follow WTTW host Geoffrey Baer on a quest to discover five of Chicago’s hidden treasures.