5 Famous Film Scenes Shot in the Loop

Follow in the footsteps of The Blues Brothers and earn your On Location badge for Foursquare.Did you know that over 800 feature films and television productions have been shot in Chicago since 1989, including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, coming out in theaters on June 29, 2011.

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Here are some famous film scenes that were shot in the Loop. ‘Check-in’ along the way to earn your badge:

Ferris Joins a Parade in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)
John Hughes’ 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, three friends – Ferris (Matthew Broderick), Cameron (Alan Ruck) and Sloane (Mia Sara) – show just how much fun you can have in Chicago in a single day. A number of scenes from the movie were shot in the Loop, at attractions such as at The Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago Skydeck, and at the Chicago Board of Trade.
But our favorite scene is the one in which Ferris joins the German-American Von Steuben Day Parade, where he lip syncs to Wayne Newton’s “Danke Schoen” and The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout”.

Lucy Moderatz develops a crush on a commuter in While You Were Sleeping (1995)
In the movie While You Were Sleeping (1995), Lucy Moderatz (Sandra Bullock) is a lonely fare collector who develops a crush on a cute commuter. Scenes from the movie were shot at the Madison / Wabash ‘L’ Station.

Batman looks 110 stories down in The Dark Knight (2008)
Chicago and its stunning architecture stood in for Gotham City in director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008), a sequel to Batman Begins (2005), also filmed in Chicago. Of the many scenes from the movie that were shot in the Loop, one of the most memorable is a scene shot at The Willis Tower. Despite having a fear of heights, Christian Bale donned his batsuit and looked 110 stories down from a ledge for a scene in “The Dark Knight”.  You can recreate his experience by visiting the Ledge at Chicago Skydeck, where you can walk out into a glass box that extends 4.3 feet from the Skydeck and look down 1,353 feet.

Jake and Elwood’s Wild Ride in The Blues Brothers (1980)
The Blues Brothers (1980), directed by John Landis and starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues, introduced new audiences to some of the greatest blues musicians and soul singers of all time while paying tribute to Chicago as the birthplace of gospel music and the electrified blues. In the penultimate scenes of the move, The Blues Brothers speed along Lower Wacker Drive heading for Daley Plaza: as Jake Blues famously says, “That’s where they got that Picasso”. Their ultimate destination is the Cook County Assessor’s Office, just west of the Daley Center (where they crash their Bluesmobile).

The Joffrey Ballet dances “Blue Snake” in The Company (2003)
The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago is the subject of Robert Altman’s behind the scenes take on dance, The Company (2003). A performance of “Blue Snake” was shot at the Auditorium Theatre.

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